in the mane 'o love

In the Mane 'o Love

the studio


"In the Mane 'o Love" is formed by Sophia Argyrou and Maria Gyftopoulou, focusing on creating handmade objects for everyday use with a fixation on adopting the contemporary design over the habitual.

We explore the prospects of modern art, balancing between the predetermined formation and the impulsive creation, embracing the handmade and the unique, the unconventional and the experimental.

Our stimuli derive from an amalgamation between past and present, bringing together our Greek heritage with our multicultural influences, blending a subconscious perception of reality with a sense of artistic ancestry.

Sophia has been a tattoo artist working consistently since 2002 under the name Jerry’s kid. She has a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a master's in Design from Middlesex University in London.

Maria is an Engineer who holds a certificate in Contemporary Art authorized by MoMA and in Organisation and Promotion of Cultural Events from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

the name

The studio is named after Mano, a beloved male white horse.
mane /mein/
noun: mane; plural noun:manes
A growth of long hair on the neck of a horse, lion, or other mammal.

THE exhibitions

2022 Exhibition @MON COIN Studio, Thisiou 7, Athens, Greece
2021 Exhibition @ARCH Workshop, Goura 5, Plaka, Athens, Greece
2021 Exhibition @CHEAPART SOCIAL, Andrea Metaxa 25, Exarchia, Athens, Greece
2021 Exhibition @RIZOM, Vourvahi 3, Acropolis, Athens, Greece